What is the difference between compostable, biodegradable and recyclable?

Simply, compostable products are highly regulated to make sure that when they break down, the give valuable nutrients back into the earth. The term "biodegradable" does not carry much weight as it is not a regulated term. Even if something takes 10,000 years to break down, it could be considered biodegradable - and to us, that's pretty shitty. Recyclable, however, is a term used for products that can be broken down and made into other products.

What frequency do you ship our subscriptions?

We ship once a month, the day after your membership cycle goes through. For example, if you started your membership July 7th, your next billing cycle and shipment will go out August 8th.

What if I want to cancel?

We'll sure miss you, but it's no problem at all. If you need to cancel, pause or are traveling and unable to accept mail, simply email us at dook@dogeinc.com and your membership will be paused or cancelled without penalty. Dook is supposed to make your life easier, so please reach out any time!

What charities do you support?

Our founders grew up and currently live by the beach so our first charity partner was The Ocean Cleanup. Every box donates to their efforts in cleaning up the oceans of the world. We are also (obviously) dog & animal lovers, so we are also working to support local charities, rescues and causes by running custom boxes every quarter. Those each represent different charities, so follow along on Facebook & Instagram for more info!

How do you become a charity partner?

It's easy! Reach out to dook@dogeinc.com and we'll get right back to you! Note: you must be registered as a 501c3 to be considered. 

Any other questions at all, please email dook@dogeinc.com and someone will be with you shortly!