Dook Bags

Each shipment comes with 12 rolls equalling a total of 180 bags. This should comfortably last you 2 months, however if you are running low and need a boost or need to skip an order, you can do so from your account!

Our bags are manufactured out of a combination of PBAT, short for poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate), and cornstarch resin. Our manufacturers products utilize resin derived from starches, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers that can be consumed by micro-organisms that live in our soil once they break down. PBAT is a fully biodegradable material when composted due to the presence of butylene adipate groups which is a naturally occurring compound found under the earths surface. Our bags break down within a 90 day period; however, in an industrial composting plant the molecules are biodegraded within just a few weeks.

Our bags are internationally certified by the European standard for compostability EN 13\432 as well as the US standard ASTM D-6400. When degraded by micro-organisms the material is converted to H2O and CO2 leaving behind zero harmful substances in soil and water. E.g. we are no longer hurting mother nature <3

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    These bags were made for walking! 

    Our newest bag holders are made from sturdy neoprene, featuring a zipper closure and small carabiner to attach to your favorite leash. 

    Our zipper closure makes it super easy to change bag rolls, and even has enough room for some walking essentials like keys and cash!

  • Little Sh*t – $8.99

    This is our little mascot turd! Use him as a toy for your pup or on a keychain (like we do!). 

    P.S. there is a little squeaker inside.

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